Do All Your Baby Teeth Need To Fall Out Before You Get Braces?

Do All Your Baby Teeth Need To Fall Out Before You Get BracesWho doesn’t love to smile and show off their perfectly white and aligned teeth? Perfectly aligned teeth are sometimes a very important aspect in beautifying a person and developing their self-confidence over the years, especially, if the person is a developing youth. However, not everyone is born with a clean and aligned set of teeth and most people miss out on that because they did not realize at an earlier stage how misshapen their teeth would eventually get in the future.

Most dentists and orthodontists recommend adults to get braces for misaligned teeth because it is never too late. However, once your permanent set of teeth show up, it may get difficult and much more painful to get braces. If parents are looking to get braces for their child, it is better advised for them to start wearing braces early as possible.

Breaking Down the Baby Teeth Myth

Almost all dentists agree that it is not necessary for them to fall out because aligning baby teeth sets a path for your permanent teeth to set in.

The two most common problems that adults and kids face with their teeth are:

Crowded Teeth

This is when there is not enough room between the teeth for an adult tooth to set in so it pokes out from the gums against your jaw or cheek. This is a very common problem. If this happens, you are required to check in with the dentist before all of your baby teeth fall out. Otherwise it may misalign the other baby teeth, causing it to get uncomfortable with teeth prodding and poking you.

Stuck Tooth

When your permanent teeth develop, sometimes they may get stuck in your gums. This may again cause your teeth to misalign by weakening the roots of the teeth beside it which may fall out, causing you to have holes in your mouth.

Baby teeth basically reserve a place in your mouth for your permanent teeth to set in. Most orthodontists would take out a few baby teeth and use braces to set the remaining baby teeth. But another problem which may arise is when a baby tooth falls out prematurely or is knocked out. This may cause serious problems as a knocked out tooth would no longer be holding the other teeth in place so they may start shifting and moving.

How do orthodontists determine whether you need braces before your baby teeth fall out?

Orthodontists basically check whether both of your jaw bones have aligned correctly. Usually one jaw bone may develop faster than the other and if that is the case, the dentist may recommend treatment as soon as possible before your adult teeth have the chance to set in. If they’re both aligned, there is a lesser chance of your teeth becoming misaligned.

All in all, it is not necessary for all your baby teeth to fall out before you seek treatment but in some cases it can be. Matters such as your age may affect this the most. So, seek treatment as early as possible and Dr. Laura Low or Dr. Julie Wees will recommend accordingly! Contact Wees & Low Orthodontics to schedule your braces consultation today.

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