“My husband and I would like to thank you for the wonderful care you gave to our son, Cody, over the last two years. He enjoyed his visits to your office and was thrilled with the Invisalign® braces. They worked very quickly to give him a smile he can be proud of. Having worn metal braces myself, I was very pleased that we chose Invisalign braces for him. They were easy to wear and we were very proud of him for his diligence in following your instructions for their use. It was practically impossible to tell he was wearing them, which made it easier for him to complete his treatment.

“We appreciate your excellent care and professionalism. Thank you again.”
— N.V.

“I had a great experience during my orthodontic treatment with Dr. Julie Wees. She was always so positive and kind; I looked forward to seeing her. I always felt like I was her only patient! She was always as gentle as she could be when adjusting my braces. She consistently took the time to answer any questions I had. I appreciated that she listened to my input and developed a treatment plan that fit with what I wanted as an end result. I’m so thrilled with my teeth now — Dr. Wees helped me achieve the smile that I truly always dreamed of having!”
— K.I.

“Wees & Low Orthodontics is a wonderful place. It’s where I got my braces and now my children are patients. The staff are so wonderful; they are like family to me!”
— T.G.

“Dr. Julie Wees is awesome! At first we were skeptical about moving forward and getting braces for our daughter. Dr. Wees put our minds at ease as she worked her magic over the years, leaving not only a beautiful smile, but a positive impression that will last a lifetime. Our daughter is in show choir and it pleases us to see her on stage with that big smile and know we did the right thing in getting her braces. The care Dr. Wees gave our daughter and the willingness to work around our busy and hectic schedules was truly outstanding. If we had to do it over again, we wouldn’t change a thing. We would definitely rate Dr. Wees 6 stars out of 5!”
— T.M.

“Dr. Wees, I always remember you when I notice myself smiling in pictures or in a mirror. It is amazing how you kept my wedding date in mind and managed to get these results perfectly on time for my big day. My wedding pictures would not have come out so beautiful, had you not worked so diligently on my smile. I want to thank you for guiding me at every phase and taking care of all my concerns regarding the braces, pain, and the results. By giving me this smile, you have given so much joy to my mom and my husband. Again, thank you for your amazing work.”
— L.S.

“I have always thought about getting braces, but at my age (let’s just say I’m older), I was uncomfortable with the idea of getting metal braces. I went to Dr. Low; we discussed my options, and I have not regretted my decision for a minute. Dr. Low and the staff are absolutely wonderful, and not once have I had to wait at any of my appointments. I have also been extremely pleased with the results I’ve gotten with the Invisalign braces. The process has been very easy, and the rate at which my teeth have improved is amazing. In less than a year, my teeth are straight and look great. It’s also wonderful to be able to take your braces out to eat and brush your teeth, and then just put them back in. Dr. Low has clearly had a lot of experience with the Invisalign product, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the whole process. I would definitely recommend Dr. Low and the Invisalign braces.”
— P.T.

“I never used to smile for pictures. My Invisalign braces were awesome; no one knew. Thanks to Wees & Low Orthodontics, now I smile all the time!!”
— B.L.

“A much-deserved thanks to Dr. Wees!! I was unhappy with the way my smile looked and had some other difficult problems that needed to be corrected. Because of the difficulty of my case, I was sensitive about what needed to be done. Dr. Wees related with me on a personal level, since she too was considered a difficult case when she had her orthodontic work done. Many visits came with anxiety over the next step in my treatment, but she would calm any fear that I had because she had been there at one time too! After only a few visits I could already see the shift in my smile. I couldn’t stop smiling after that! I felt like Dr. Wees truly cared about me and my concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Wees to anybody!!! Thank you again!!!”
— K.S.